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Bringing artists and creative producers together in specialized marketplaces.

Ekono Arts is a growing content provider that aims to deliver great content to creators worldwide. We are powered by a community of talented designers, illustrators and animators with unique skillsets around the globe.

Our first marketplace Cartoon Elements showcases inspiring talent and includes countless graphic solutions to bring your special creative projects to life. It's the go to place if you're looking for cartoon stock images and videos.


In the press: Le Lien MULTIMÉDIA

Cartoon Elements marketplace, Le Lien MULTIMEDIA article

Cartoon Elements, un marché hyper-spécialisé dans le style cartoon

Actuellement, les marchés en ligne choisissent de vendre en catégorisant leurs contenus par médias. On trouve alors des banques de photos ou de vidéos, juste pour les jeux ou pour les thèmes de sites Internet. Mais ces marchés de médias ne distinguent pas les styles créatifs. À contre-courant de la tendance, et pour répondre au besoin des auteurs, Andre Navarre décide de créer des marchés hyper-spécialisés par style créatif, tous médias confondus. « Sur mon marché, un artiste peut alors vendre des illustrations, des clips animés, des vidéos ou des jeux, pour autant que ce soit dans un thème uni », nous explique le fondateur d’Ekono Arts Inc. Lancé en 2015, son premier site Cartoon Elements se concentre sur le style cartoon.

Our focus
We build online spaces that help artists, designers, illustrators & animators sell their designs to creative agencies, marketers, or anyone who needs a pre-made digital assets for their projects.






Who we are?

We're an international team of creative designers, digital strategists, online marketers and web developers. Our goal is to use tech and creative marketing to help people around the world get exposure and earn more from their creative projects.

Andre Navarre
Founder & Site Manager

Andre Navarre is an animator from Montreal, Canada. He enjoys creating engaging content that helps people around the world tell their stories, sell their products and grow their brands.

Titouan Chary
Web Development

Titouan Chary is a web developer and tutoring manager from Lyon, France. Fascinated by algorithmic and open source, he believes that knowledge and sharing are inseparable terms.

Benjamin Dulau
Web Architecture

Benjamin Dulau is a server-side developer from France. A master of software architecture and cloud computing design, he is committed to optimizing large-scale web applications.

Mike Thomassin
Finance & Accounting

Mike is a talented accountant and a punk-rock drum musician for Laureate in Montreal, Canada. He enjoys working within a team and thrives in a collaborative environment.

What we're doing?


"Thank you for giving me this chance, and I really need this site since Activeden going to close down soon."

Ali Abu Ras - Game Developer
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Cartoon Elements is a Professional Marketplace to buy and sell Royalty-Free Stock Cartoon theme images, vectors, animated videos and graphic templates for your creative projects.
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